Boston Celtics in two years

Posted on May 7, 2008 by locojordan45.
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                                            Boston Celtics had an amazing regular season with 66-16 record, the best record in this franchise history. Lead by Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen Boston has a big chance of going all the way but my blog is not about that. I could write about their history and rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers but instead I will write about Celtics future witch is in my opinion very grim. They have seven players that have been in the league for more than ten years, some of them are playing their last year. Only four players have been in the league for less than five years. Was it worth it to trade seven, young, good players for Kevin Garnett? I think it was but in a long run it was not. What if they do not win the championship this or next year? Boston before this season had one of the worst season in their history and the trade with Minnesota, where Boston got Kevin Garnett, made people come to the games again and brought new hope. That hope is going to disappear in two years when all those players retire or are not good anymore. I hate that about mangers. They are greedy and selfish. If they see an opportunity they will grab, which is ok, but they do not look ahead.

                      Look what happened to Miami Heath! They were the World Champions two years ago and now they have the worst record in the NBA! They made the same mistake Boston is heading to. They signed bunch of veterans for one year in order to get a championship ring and now when they are all gone they do not even have enough players to compete. I am a big Boston fan. Before Tabor my favorite teams were Knicks and Bulls, but they disappointed me so many times in the past few years that I lost my patience. I feel like the same thing is going to happen with the Celtics. Salary Cap is way over the limit. Actually is 46 million dollar over the limit!! They cannot get new players this summer or even in next few years. I wish them luck this and next year. But after that luck is not going to save them.


Comment on May 10th, 2008.

This is a very good point. The Boston Celtics do have a very impressive record this year, but they are a very shallow team. They have a couple great guys, but than they are weak. Once these guys go there are done for it. This reminds me of Mr. Hurd and how he is such a good coach. He refuses to make this mistake. This year we had to make cuts and people thought that they would come from the JV and underclassmen. However, Mr. Hurd cuts juniors and seniors, that are good and definitely better than some of the JV, but he does it to make sure his team is deep so when the senior class leaves he has many sailors to step into their shoes. I hope the Celtics are able to make some good trades to make their team deep again, and I hope that at least they win the championship.

Comment on May 11th, 2008.

Nice blog Ivan. I agree with you totally, yeah the Celtics are great this year and have a chance to win it all; however, there isn’t really a bright future for them. However, I think that the trade for Garnett and the decision to make this year’s Celtics team a group full of veterans was a good idea. This is what Boston needs. I can’t even remember the last time the Celtics had a successful year. If the Celtics manager kept doing all of this small trade stuff the Celtics would never go anywhere. Now, with a very good team and a bunch of veterans, the Celtics are a dominant force. They are no longer the losers. Boston fans are back into the game now and have regained their faith for the Celtics. Yeah, the future doesn’t look so good for the Celtics, but this team is exactly what they need and has gotten them back on the radar in the NBA.

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